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Homepage: http://www.morningsminion.com Homepage: http://www.morningsminion.com [[BR]]
Node Map/Info: http://maps.personaltelco.net/node?id=57

Name: LucasSheehan BR Email: kermit@colortechnology.com BR Homepage: http://www.morningsminion.com BR Node Map/Info: http://maps.personaltelco.net/node?id=57


Community Networking how I love thee let me count the ways,

  1. Opportunity to work with fun interesting people
  2. With said fun people make something beneficial for the community
  3. meet once a month with said fun people and drink beer and talk geek
  4. Sticking it to the "man"
  5. Learning new skills
  6. Helping those who would otherwise not be able to enjoy the benefits of broadband internet access
  7. Being able to sit at my favourite bar/coffee shop/bar/bar/bar and surf the web from my notebook

The list of all the pages I've contributed to:



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