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Please read the NewbieWorkshop page for the whys, whos, wheres and further general detail on this event.

Location: House of TomHigginsBR

  • 2924 SE Alder St Portland ORBR

Date: 03/30/03 BR Actual Start Time: 12 Noon BR Wrap Up Time: 3:00 pm BR Role call: TomHiggins, Rich, Ole, Alex, Sam, Thomas, Adam, AdamShand, DatNguyen, (fill in your name if you attended)



  • Meet and Greet / Setup It was an amazing turnout with the head count hitting 15 at one point. We spent the first hour or so getting folks gear up, answering some intial questions, geting to know each others goals for the meeting and finding seats. If the weather is good next month we should simply hold the whole meeting out on the deck, it has ample seating and is a nicer setting. We can use the living room and the basement as two places for folks to break off and work on projects, have side conversations, etc.

  • Activites

    • Knoppix Linux Version 3.2 had just come out a day or so before so new CDs were cut before and during the meeting. Only one older IBM thinkpad could not boot it, this was because the CD on it was not able to be a boot device. Knoppix has steps to make a HD install of the cd.
    • Adams's PTP 101 and Beyond Talk Once we gathered outside on the deck Adam gave an amazing PTP101 session. Folks from all levels of involvement learned something and many questions got answered. Half way through I realized I had a vdeo camera I should have been using, sadly the batterys were mostly dead so only a small bit of his talk were captured. Next time remind me to charge up the batteries and start filming. It would have made a great resource to have on hand.
  • Questions and Answers

Next meeting: April 2003 (tdb) NewbieWorkshop04

Topic: BR

Links Of Interest For The Next Meeting

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