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NoCat drive duplication How To:

Went home last night and tried to dupe my NoCat box. Hopefully this is a good primer for those thinking about doing it. This was on my Stylistic 1200 with a 2.1 Gig 2.5" IDE drive.

Ghost (2002) Does Not Work.

  • (It seems to screw up LILO's boot loader - it appears to copy fine, but boots with "L 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 ..... " ad ifinitum)

DD Does Work (a standard Linux copying utility).

  • Hook up your drive to the IDE bus on your Linux machine
  • Boot into Linux - I had the fortunate (!) problem that my new drive was recognized as /dev/hdc, and happened to NOT be recognized (since it replaced an already existing /dev/hdc. This caused Linux to abort booting, causing me a much shorter boot time. My /dev/hda drive was mounted already as RW, so I could do the deed...

  • Find out which drive is your NoCat drive

  • Make sure it's your NoCat drive

  • Really sure?
  • (for me) Issue this command: "dd if=/dev/hdc of=NoCat.img"

  • You'll wait 15-30 minutes, and get a 2.1 gig file called NoCat.img

  • Shutdown, swap in the new IDE drive, reboot
  • Do the whole "Are you really really sure.." drive dance above
  • Issue the command "dd if=NoCat.img of=/dev/hdc"

  • Wait 15-30 minutes until it's done, shutdown, pop drive into Stylistic
  • Boot stylistic, change:
    • root password (passwd command)
    • /etc/dhcpd.conf
    • /usr/local/bin/eth0
    • /usr/local/bin/eth1
    • /usr/local/bin/nocat
    • /usr/local/nocat/nocat.conf
    • /usr/local/nocat/htdocs/splash.html

Not sure what else I've missed....


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