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   -- 20060222 Proposed change "or www.personaltelco.net/identifier where the identifier is the node name, number or other description."

Here is the list of criteria which a node needs to meet in order to be an official PersonalTelco node. See NodeTypes for a list of all the different types of nodes:

All Nodes

Gateway Node

Repeater Node

  • The Node MUST connect at least two other repeater or gateway nodes together.

  • The Node MUST provide free peering and transit along the terms of the [http://www.freenetworks.org/ FreeNetworks Peer Agreement].

MUST, SHOULD, etc. directives as defined in RFC: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2119.html -RossOlson

Are we/did we adopt the [http://www.freenetworks.org/peering.html Freenetworks Peering Agreement]? Yes, summer of 2004 after the Freenetworks summit.


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