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 * <Wi``Fi``Supply``Guy> And well we get what we pay for... (MichaelCodanti on free software and free labor)  * <Wi''''''Fi''''''Supply''''''Guy> And well we get what we pay for... (MichaelCodanti on free software and free labor)

Just saw this quote from MattWestervelt and had to save it, it made me laugh. Please add any other memorable quotes to do with CommunityNetworking or FreeNetworks here.

  • <Bowlie-Laptop> I'd rather have two playboy models and a Taco Bell charge card

  • <WiFiSupplyGuy> And well we get what we pay for... (MichaelCodanti on free software and free labor)

  • <aml> you're not a wuss, you're just tender. (AndrewWoods talking to JerrittCollord) (23 Apr 2002)

  • <Schuyler> this is like watching your child get run over by a truck repeatedly (while trying to fix bugs in NoCatAuth) (19 Apr 2002)

  • <aml> i'm in the south park blocks outside. stealing power from psu. freezing my ass off, but i'm getting 2mb. (14 Apr 2002) (addendum) <aml> i'm going to go look for a foyer with power and signal. (addendum) <aml> why do you guys think everyone that looks mildly alt is goth?

  • AndrewWoods: "Are we back to f***ing square one yet?" said while building the CloneArmy with JerrittCollord. (Apr 2002)

  • "I am Adam Shand's inflated ego. We rock." -- DanRichardson (15 Mar 2002)

  • "We are, by profession or hobby, chained to computers. But now our computers are not chained to our desks." -- JasonPippin (15 Mar 2002)

  • "Using a laptop in the car whilst driving is asking for either a traffic ticket or an encounter with your airbag." -- NigelBallard (11 Mar 02)

  • "We had no tripod on the mountain. a stick and tape would be steadier than a cold geek smoking a cigarette." -- MattWestervelt (13 Jan 02)

  • "Interesting. Evidently, like BAWUG, Boingo doesn't build networks either." --RobFlickenger (20 Dec 2001)

  • "The best part about being on the NycWireless network at a public park is all the homeless people come up and ask you to show them porn. It is really funny for the first 15 minutes." -- TerrySchmidt on #wireless (21 Nov 01)

  • "DSL and Doughnuts" -- Matt Peterson (Nov. 2001)
  • "Just a network of folks. House to house. I like that." -- MattHickey (Oct 2001)

  • "I must appear to be very rich, or to have the ability to shit access points." -- TerrySchmidt (01 Sept 01)

  • "I have nothing against terrorist drug dealer musicians who swear. They can use SeattleWireless all they want." -- MattWestervelt (27 Aug 2001)

  • "It would be easy to dismiss these guys as benevolent weirdos wasting their time and money, but occasionally it appears their dream may one day be a reality." -- Peter Meyers, The Village Voice (15 Aug 01)
  • "NAT turns the internet into TV." -- RobFlickenger (Aug 2001)


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