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 [[http://WTHP1.coolhost.biz] [WTHPD1]]
 [http://WTHP2.coolhost.biz WTHPD2]
 [[http://WTHP3.coolhost.biz | WTHPD3]]
 [http://WTHP4.coolhost.biz | WTHPD4]
 [WTHPD5 | http://WTHP5.coolhost.biz]
 [[http://WTHP6.coolhost.biz WTHPD6]]

SiteNavigation is the central place to explore this wiki. Our wiki software supports these IndexingSchemes:

At the bottom of each page, there are actions that allow to navigate to other pages related to the current page:

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Additionally, there are the [[PageList]], [[FullSearch('text')]] and [[TableOfContents]] macros, which allow you to automatically generate indices for cohesive parts of a wiki.

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