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## Any line with two hash marks will not show on final Wiki page
## This file is WeeklyMeetingDayMonthYearTemplate
## Add Wiki location make sure there is a page with address
'''Location:''' FiresideCoffeeLodge[[BR]]
## Add date below in this format Day Month Year
'''Date:''' 13 February 2003 [[BR]]
'''Planned Start Time: 11 AM [[BR]]
## document actual meeting time not what was planned below
'''Actual Start Time: 11:15 AM [[BR]]
## wiki name of notetaker (your name)
'''Scribe:''' LonnieWormley[[BR]]
'''Role call:''' [[BR]]
## wiki name where available. here are some current regulars. do a head count of the room too.

AlinaJensen, LonnieWormley, DonPark, EugeneKeam, NatPowning

## fill in items pre-meeting and subitems during the meeting.

 * Discuss how to improve how PTP deals with public contact
 * Help define new ways that PTP can implement a business outreach program
## * subitem

## * second item
## * subitem
## * subitem

 * Get contact database working on a secure web based form.
 * Start a newsletter to keep contacts informed of PTP activities.
 * Contact other non-profit groups and work to build relationships.
  * Find out if PTP can use wireless technology to help them solve problems.
 '''Next meeting:'''
## * Facilitator - rotate this duty through the group, decide who is doing it the week before
## * Scribe - do we want a separate scribe and facilitator, AaronJohnson has found this works well in ## other consensus based groups. (sounds good to me -- AdamShand)
 * Time - 11 AM
 * Date - 20 Feb 2003
 * Location - FiresideCoffeeLodge

## Add a link to the next weeks wiki notes at the end of this weeks using the following format, Day is a ## number, Month is a word, and Year is a four digit number, like this,


## Thank you for taking notes. They are very important. Check over your work and post
## a link to announce@lists.personaltelco.net when your finished. If you have any questions
## ask ops@personaltelco.net

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