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Meeting Details

Long Term Projects or Unclaimed Ideas

  • AdamShand: Use affero.org for reputation management stuff. Good for pledge drives etc.

  • AustinSchutz: is working on filter for the general list to shape signal/noise ratio. He will notify us when he has

something to play with.

  • DarrinEden: Adhocracy. Oh hold for Darrin's trip. Developement using Zope is continuing. Jpublish/Tomcat abandoned.

In the Queue

  • DonPark: Will finish membership roster for the June monthly.

    • Remove showing password
    • Stop edit to change membership status
  • DonPark/JerrittCollord: NodeDb migration.

  • LonnieWormley/DatNguyen - Summer party organization.

    • $35 for permin and $15 for table
    • People want family picnic with no booze.
    • Preston Park or Laurhurst Park.
    • We will focus on Laurhurst Park
  • NigelBallard: Follow up with Sputnik/David Sifry about Linux AP and control center software.

    • Sputnik is not working yet.
  • TomHiggins: has been deputized to make/do new zope/cmf/plone. going slowly, demo available [http://www.personaltelco.net:9673/ptpplone/ here]. partial wiki migration, calendar, nav bar, trouble tickets for next meeting.

    • Not here but having problems with CFM and Wiki
    • Jerritt will help on Zope if someone will take lead. He will set up a proxy for simple URL.
    • We need someone to help that knows Python.
  • TomHiggins: will investigate donation options for PTP. Register with help from Lucas.

    • On the list we should have fundrasing goals. We will have running expenses for PTP like checking account.
  • NatPowning: Rocky Butte Access Point hardware and setup. Have all the parts together.

    • Don Park has all hardware
    • Get the list from Don
    • Don wants to set things up this weekend
    • Wessco
  • AndrewWoods/LonnieWormley - New web site look'n'feel. Work with TomHiggins for access.

  • PCS node is moving down one floor and DonPark is lead.

  • Dat and Steve will re-write editguite page and then Adam will create a Cron job to send out email once a month.

New Action Items

  • Define what things PTP will spend money on.

New Items for Discussion

  • Membership - Very lenghty discussion ensued.
    • Last monthly meeting 7 people joined.
    • 25 people showed up at the monthly meeting.
    • You do not have to have a node at home to be a member.
    • Darrin has paid for membership.
    • Steve wants to support, but not be a member
      • How do we court corporate support and not alienate community support.
    • Adam
      • Freedom of speech must be protected. How do we usefully protect freedom of speech.
      • The only thing that the list has censored is SPAM.
    • Membership does not mean that you can not contribute to what PTP.
    • AaronJohson

      • meet two guys that use to be involved with PTP. Aaron wants to be involved but not be a member.
    • JerrittCollord

      • Maybe we should re-do the email list.
    • Dat Nygen
      • Why is membership by sweat not good enough.
      • Adam: There is no way to measure what is enough.

Resolved Items and Notes

  • DonPark: Relocate bone to Color Technology. Will notify via maillist and web site.

  • BrianBeattie: Rebuild South Park Blocks Soekris.

    • Darrin has reclaimed hardware.
  • BrianBeattie: New module package to resolve Soekris/HostAp issues.

    • Brain made the update.

Next Meeting Details

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