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'''Location:''' NodeOldTownPizza? [[BR]]
'''Date and Time:''' Wednesday 10 May 2006 6;30pm[[BR]]
'''Location:''' NodeOldTownPizza [[BR]]
'''Date and Time:''' Wednesday 10 May 2006 6:30pm[[BR]]
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   * Metrix-west outage report.
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 * Discuss recent info@ptp traffic and appropriate responses

Location: NodeOldTownPizza BR Date and Time: Wednesday 10 May 2006 6:30pmBR Scribe: BR Roll Call: BR


  • MGP Stuff
    • Mississippi Extension: Have til 9/15/06 to complete work. Need more involvement. Discuss strategies.
    • More Unique Content for PTP Net. Discuss and implement plan to get content producers in play.
    • Metrix-west outage report.
    • Schedule MGP Metrix software upgrades
  • Mapping Portland With Snorkelator
  • Discuss recent info@ptp traffic and appropriate responses
  • Your Item Here

Updates on last week's todos

  • NodeLuckyLab: Bernie says call ISP support 866-871-1114 to get into the DSL modem

  • Brenda's Crepe Shop: Brenda's landlord is providing wifi and she is happy with that setup
  • New Lucky Lab: Gary has been emailed about luckylab NW.



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