Describe UsageDBScratchPage here. Ok. Basically the unoffical page for the unofficial usage database info stuff.

Impromptu / unofficial usage database unsanctioned subcommittee 1.13.04 ~1930

What we want to track. 1. Logon / auth time 2. Bandwidth usage.

We want to graph the above too.

What we would like to track / would be nice.

1. Time spent logged on (would be nice, but this will be postponed for quite some time

Loraksus suggested recording MAC addresses in the daily logs, and upon parsing; - 1 - Stripping the MAC suffix, replacing with some number to identify the session, rather than the user. As far as I can see, this avoids the problem of uniquely identifying a user

1a. numbering scheme can be random, perhaps using a large array, and just randomly picking x / y coordinates, within that array, marking it as used and This array could be saved and refreshed each month, or something. . . ( Yeah, ok, over the top and overkill, blah, blah, blah)

2. Deleting / wiping the log files. 3. Transmission of the parsed data to some server (probably over SSL, because that is how it currently is done)

It will be investigated as to whether this could be done using Keegan / Don's existing scripts.

We arbitrarily decided on weekly parses of log data; however that can be changed if necessary. Realistically, the processing time for this will be minimal; we could do this hourly if we wanted to.

“Crappy ass pseudocode ” Input MacAddy Init MACPrefix as integer MACPrefix = the prefix of the MAC addy from the log. // manufactures header or whatever the heck

init randX as integer init randY as integer randX = some random number between ? and ? randY = some random number between ? and ?

do until (rand X,rand Y) from SomeArray != 1 // assuming 1 = has been used, 0 = not been used randX = some random number randY = some random number exit do // or 1d array, sure whatever

init SessionId as integer SessionID = MACPrefix + RandX + RandY //concatenate, not add, fuck pseudocode Exit

Then use “SessionID” + whatever else statistics we want to include.