This page contains video of PersonalTelco activities as well as Press coverage we have recived.

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Monthly Meetings

June 2002 Meeting

June 26, 2002 7 part video of monthly meeting including Dr. Engelson Presentation.

Part 1 Don and Lonnie explore the PTP van.

Part 2 Nigel gives intro and explains mission to new members.

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Dr Engelson Explains basic RF theory, loading a signal onto a carrier, modulation types, spread spectrum vs. frequency hop, as well as other topics.

Part 6 Don Park explains AP Radar

Dr Engelson is currently director of JMS a consulting agency for RF evaluation as well as authoring several books on several topics. In the past he has been the chief RF engineer at Tektronics and was a professor at Oregon State University.

Press Coverage Local NBC affiliate KGW news 8 interviews Nigel Ballard, Don Park, and Datz Nguyen about the dispute between PersonalTelco and T-moble/Starbucks over their jumping onto an already in use channel interupting PersonalTelco service in Pioneer Courthouse Square. (This file has not been uploaded to server) Tech-TV interviews NigelBallard. This video has not yet been recorded. Stephanie Fisher of Portland FOX station KPTV runs a positive story on 802.11 wireless, how it works and the role PersonalTelco plays in making Portland un-wired.
Quotes From NigelBallard.
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