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-- LonnieWormley

AP-1000 and AirRunner XI 300

Well I have had a few days of problems with my AP-1000 and Lucent Orinoco Silver cards. the problems started when I installed the client software for a 3 volt prism2 card on my win2k laptop. My Orinoco Silver cards had trouble connecting to my AP-1000. Eventually it got to the point where the AP would not function.

I thought it was my Orinoco Silver cards, but when I booted into Linux and used another AP at a weekly meeting the Orinoco Silver cards worked. I uninstalled all of the Orinoco AP manager and Client software from my laptop and the 3v prism2 card now works with my AP.

I want to keep the prism2 card for laptop use so that I can have two Orinoco Silver cards for my AP-1000. This configuration will allow me to utilize more features on the AP-1000, like running two networks in bridge mode.

-- LonnieWormley 7/18/02

The have resolved the issue above. As it turned out one of my Silver cards had gone bad. i returned it to the manufacturer and they sent me a new one. i have not had any problems since the replacement.

-- LonnieWormley 11/22/02

KarlNet Software

The AP-1000 can be updated to use the KarlNet software. I have been recently working with WinfieldWireless to provide a wireless connection for the OryCon24 convention. Winfield uses AP-1000s equiped with KarlNet software to operate their network.

-- LonnieWormley 11/22/02


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