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The Nature of Personal Telco

The PTP is an all-volunteer organization: many of us have neck beards. Therefore, please be patient if you do not get an immediate reply! But don't worry. We have a good track record, we care about what we do, and we will respond to your communications as soon as possible.

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General Questions / Help

Tech Support

<ops AT personaltelco DOT net>

Personal Telco's Website*

<webmaster AT personaltelco DOT net>

Get Involved

MailingList / IRC

* Our website is a wiki. That means you can edit it yourself! Learn how, then try it out!

You can send letters to our PostalAddress. If you need a physical address for non-postal shipments or deliveries, please contact us and we'll provide instructions.

Non-Profit Organization

Personal Telco Project is a Federal Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) and an Oregon Non-profit Corporation.

Officers of the corporation (as of AnnualBoardMeeting2019) are:


The Personal Telco Project runs channel #ptp on the server. You can find PTP members on our IrcChannel night and day, though the activity level varies with time zones and mental gestalt of the group.


The Personal Telco Project is on Twitter: we are @personaltelco. We try to respond to any tweets our way in a timely fashion, and you may use it to report node outages, though we prefer a more detailed report.

In Person

We hold weekly meetings to we can share ideas, go over problems, get new members up to speed, discuss PTP projects, and enjoy the experience of face-to-face communication. All are welcome. Please see the PersonalTelco homepage for meeting information.

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