[DIFF] 21:52 Info RussellSenior [1-2]
JasonBergstrom [3-8]
RussellSenior [9-11]
#01 was actually amazon, though I thought ebay too initially.
#02 some spelling corrections
#09 provided a new dsl modem to NodeSunflower
#10 add adsense account balance problem
#11 added another agenda item
[DIFF] 20:46 Info JasonBergstrom [1-3]
RussellSenior [4-5]
#04 fix node name link
#05 plop meeting page in the right place
[DIFF] 01:24 Info RussellSenior [1-3] #02 russell is a moron
[DIFF] 20:30 Info JasonBergstrom [1-3]
[DIFF] 17:17 Info RussellSenior hack/burrito night!
[DIFF] 19:20 Info JasonBergstrom [1]
RussellSenior [2]
#02 add an agenda stub
[DIFF] 09:43 Info RussellSenior [1-2] #01 fix month part
#02 add weekly to calendar
[DIFF] 20:00 Info JasonBergstrom [1-7]
RussellSenior [8]
#08 add initial meeting agenda
[DIFF] 02:25 Info RussellSenior add monthly to calendar
[DIFF] 11:31 Info RussellSenior
[DIFF] 11:24 Info RussellSenior [1-2] #01 add annual members meeting to the calendar, with 30 days notice!
#02 add annual members meeting to the calendar, with 30 days notice!


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