Lucent/Agere/Orinoco AP-2000

I recently purchased an Orinoco AP-2000 (sometimes referred to Agere or Lucent). It's quite a bit larger than I expected. It'as about 12 inches wide, by 7 inches deep, and 3 or 4 inches high. It has 2 PCMCIA slots, side by side. The unit comes with a large mounting plate, which has a 1 inch standoff, which the AP itself mounts to. Between the mounting plate and access point, the power supply snaps into place. Power options include a small unit that has a wall plug (standard PC type 3-prong) with a small (about 4 inches) 5 Volt DC plug. The other option is the PowerOverEthernet (POE) splitter, which I got. This unit has the RJ-45 ethernet connector as the power/ethernet in, and then the 5 vold DC plug out.

I ran into problems locating a PowerOverEthernet Injector, but finally got a manufacturer built Injector from Orinoco.

You can place a large number of wireless cards in either of the 2 PCMCIA slots. Options include 802.11a, 802.11b, and the upcoming 802.11g. Each PCMCIA card can be configured to use any of the available channels, and each card can also have it's own ESSID configured.

The unit can be configured via Serial, Telnet, HTTP, and SNMP protocols. By default the unit ships configured with as it's Fast Ethernet port IP (which caused me some grief, because that was my default GW!).

Currently, I have two Orinoco Silver cards installed. I set card A to my personal ESSID (haide), and Card B to the PersonalTelco ESSID ( Each card is configured with it's own channel.

I plan to install an antenna on the one card, which will be an OmniDirectionalAntenna inside the house. On the second card, I'll run an LMR 900 type coax cable to the roof (about a 50 foot run, which should produce around 1.5 dB loss; LMR900 specifies loss of 2.98 dB per 100ft of cable, very very good spec!), the install a much higher power antenna for coverage outside.

Some other thoughts for antennas: I'm hoping (against hope!) to be able to pull off a point to multipoint shot from my house, to someone in the Beaverton area. I have a clear line of sight up a set of power-towers to NW areas (primarily the NW communication towers).

All in all, I really really like the AP-2000. My only complaints is it seems to lack some enterprise management features (can't specify managment hosts). I am running the 1.2 codeset on it, and the 1.4 codeset is available. I'm going to upgrade shortly.

-- ShaneGibson


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