Instructions on how to associate with an AccessPoint under your operating system. Warning, this is currently a work in progress, and very much incomplete. --ForrestEnglish


Windows 98, ME and 2000 each use applications shipped with your card that you should install and use. I will fill each of these out as I have time and cards ;)

Lucent / Orinoco / Wavelan


These instructions should work if your driver is compatible with the linux wireless extensions. Drivers that support this are all of the in kernel drivers, and drivers in pcmcia-cs, also HostAp is compatible. You should be able to define what network your pcmcia card connects to in /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts, however some cards firmware ignores this (and HostAp is set from /etc/pcmcia/hostap_cs.conf). Listed below are some commands that will allow you to change network association.

Connect to a standard InfastructureMode access point:

iwconfig eth0 mode managed essid network_to_associate_with

If you want to connect to a WEP network, you will have to enter the key (key length and data are dependent on the network):

iwconfig eth0 mode managed essid network_to_associate_with key 1122334455


iwconfig eth0 mode managed essid network_to_associate_with key s:phrase

To connect to an Ad-Hoc network:

iwconfig eth0 mode ad-hoc essid network_to_associate_with

*BSD (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc.)

Finding your card

Most, if not all Wireless Cards are named wiX (where X is the number of the network card starting at 0). Cisco/Aironet devices are named anX.

Setting up your SSID, Channel and WEP keys

FreeBSD can use the wicontrol or ifconfig commands. For simplicity, we use ifconfig only.

To set your network's SSID:

ifconfig wi0 ssid SSID

To set the channel:

ifconfig wi0 channel 3

To set a WEP key:

ifconfig wi0 wepkey THEKEY

You can also mix commands together instead of running each manually:

ifconfig wi0 ssid channel 3 

We mentioned before that wicontrol can be used to change your Wireless Network settings. You can use:

wicontrol wi0

to view the card's current settings. Full help is available for wicontrol here.


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