Personal Telco could use an asterisk server. Setting up the software is pretty easy to do. The more difficult part is getting a server where it can be connected to a dedicated analog phone line. RobertPetersen was working on the project and even has an FXO card. Trouble with the linux kernel driver for the card stalled the project indefinitely.

(1Jan05) 23:15 < evilbuny> just grab a sipura3k
23:15 < evilbuny> 1 for an analog phone 1 port for a phone line
23:16 < evilbuny>
23:17 < evilbuny> US$124+postage
23:17 < evilbuny>
23:21 < evilbuny> so you can be talking on the phone (over the net for example)
and still get another call on your phone line coming in
23:22 < evilbuny> which can be sent to asterisk etc

There was a lot of excitement early in 2004 about the use of VoIP. See the SipPhoneDirectory for a list of people who have working VoIP phones.


Plans to build an Astrisk server are still underway. JimmyS and AaronBaer have been talking about continuing this project in the near future. It might be one of the next stages after finishing the OpenCA implmentation that has been going on. I have an interface card currently. We need to come up with hardware. It will need to have a couple of internal scsi hard disks but doesn't need to be an exceptionally fast machine. I would say that potentially if I come up with some good hardware to replace cornerstone with in the next few months that we might be able to use what is currently cornerstone for something like this as it's dual cpu and already scsi internally. However, I do also currenly have a good scsi card that we can put in any box if we can come up with some disks.

--AaronBaer (January 2005)

I currently have an unused Digium Wildcard X100P FXO card ( that I'm willing to donate to the cause. I also have two brand-new Seagate SCSI hard drives (I think they're 16GB, but I'll have to track them down and check) that I'll donate if they'll be useful for the project. Heck, I'd even be willing to host the server at my house, if other people will pitch in for the phone line.

--BrianCochrane (2004-01-02)

That sounds pretty good. At least to get the thing up and configured.. Then we'll deal with getting an actually land line to plug it into we can at least start using it as a replacement for the PTP VOIP exchange. Jimmy was stoked to have you part of this project as well so it sounds like something we can start soon.

--AaronBaer (2004-01-02)


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