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As of 2012, it's a fairly well-used site, attractive and useful on screens big and small. Calagator is open source! Another cool thing: you can search for venues that have wifi from their venue search page

Here's a meeting announcement DanRasmussen wrote for Calagator. It'll mostly work for similar event-listing pages as well. Copy, paste, edit... make sure you get the venue and dates correct!!

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Weekly Meeting Announcement

Personal Telco is a collection of individuals, businesses, and organizations who share -- or plan to share -- internet connectivity rather than hoard it. It's also a group of volunteers who want this network to grow. We believe internet access should be available, fair, and uncensored. Personal Telco Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in PDX.

Whether you're a technology wizard or technically incompetent, volunteering with us is a great way to learn something new, enjoy teaching others, or use your skills to do something useful!

More about Personal Telco:
Meeting agenda:

Weeklies tend to be relaxed and casual. All are welcome!

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social, community, nonprofit, geek, volunteer, southeast (if meeting's in SE Portland)

Monthly Meeting Announcement

Same as the weekly announcement, except for last few lines:

More about Personal Telco:
More about the Meeting:

All are welcome!

Suggested Tags

Same as Weekly Meeting (above), but make sure to tag with "southeast" so it's easy for southeasterners to discover

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