cwnmyr is an open-source community wireless network management platform developed to meet the needs of PersonalTelco. See Adhocracy for historical information. See the README on GitHub for technical information.

PersonalTelco cwnmyr:



Design Goals

This software is intended to simplify a number of aspects of community networking, both technical and logistical. It is capable of storing and aggregating many kinds of information about people (users and contacts), areas (zones), sites (nodes), network devices (hosts) and network interfaces. Other expected features include generating maps, graphs, and configuration files.

A comprehensive domain model forms the foundation of the application, using a relational database as a backing store and an object-oriented abstraction layer to provide a rich developer interface. Stored and transmitted values are normalized to avoid redundancy and maintain integrity. The specific types and attributes included in the model have been selected through a combination of domain research, peer discussion, and iterative development. It is intended to be as stable as possible over time, with changes made only after careful deliberation or in direct response to technical requirements.

Software quality is guaranteed by the application of modern agile engineering practices, with an emphasis on test-driven development and continuous integration. For contributions, we ask that all code includes passing tests, no regressions, and test coverage must remain over 90%.


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