Dan Rasmussen's Questions


This page is for things DanRasmussen would like to know. They may be things that would take forever to discover on my own, or haven't found time to research, or stuff that can only be answered by other people. Recording it here in hopes that others might answer some of it, or also be interested in looking for the answers.


PersonalTelcoHandbook is pretty neat! But hasn't been touched in four years. Still used at all?

What is SipPhoneDirectory ?

NigelBallard - is this guy still around? What was he talking about here: "Eventually we'd like to link up with other free community networks around the world. It would be great to think we could travel to say Europe and still get the same level of wireless Internet service we have at home." When he said, "link up" what did he mean?

LegalIssues - "Get out of the Hot Spot Business, Build a Network. Turn into SeattleWireless/NoCat." Is this trash talking? How's Seattle Wireless different?

Why are TitleIndex, WordIndex, PageSize, and PageHits are disabled on PTP wiki. Are they not at all useful?

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