Dunedin Wireless Networking Group

A group of people in Dunedin, Aotearoa/New Zealand are keen on getting a community wireless networking project going. We are planning to start with links in and around NEV and the city. We encourage people in Dunedin who are interested to subscribe to our mailing list, see below.


Map Images

DrewWhittle wrote:

Dunedin City Council has put a mapping system online for the local area, check it out at http://www.cityofdunedin.com/

For a better one, see here... http://www.nztopoonline.linz.govt.nz/website/nzmgtopo/viewer.htm

You can select the type of map, from photographic to a rendering of the streets, zoom down to house locations and yard size etc. Unfortunately it is in a Java Applet.


DrewWhittle wrote:

We now have an entry in NodeDB - http://www.nodedb.com/
Add you location to see who is near you. (yes I know that the maps are poor and innaccurate)

First Meeting

We had our first meeting on 23 Jan 2002, at Shooters Bar, with 6 people in attendance. For details of what we discussed see DunWirelessMeetings Um, like what?

Next Meeting

JasonMoodie wrote :
When is the next meeting, How many people are interested?????????


Mailing list

To subscribe to the mailing list send a blank email to mailto:dunwireless-subscribe@netfree.co.nz


Please add your name if you have an interest in the following areas. Discussion about these issues is probably best directed to the list.

Turn-key Mesh Routing Access Point

JulianEden found the following article on Slashdot
"LocustWorld announces the release of MeshAP-05. This is a test release of a bootable CD which turns a single board computer or laptop into a mesh node and access point. Clients can sign on to the network, cells communicate to form a robust, dynamic, compressed and encrypted mesh network. This is a prototype release intended for the widest possible test. Feedback is encouraged."

Mapping system for Dunedin nodes

DrewWhittle, Mike and JulianEden are interested in this.
Mike is collating a list of people's addresses and will help you find your coordinates so you can be put on the map. Drew is investigating a mapping system we can use.
JasonMoodie wrote:
Here is an interesting site for mapping.
JulianEden wrote:
Here http://nocat.net/nocatrfc.txt is the key to authenticating people onto the network and authenticating people who supply connections out to the internet or other networks.

IP Address Assignment

JasonMoodie believes that this would be a good start. Any ideas/comments?
A better start would be to actually get some links up and running. Currently there is no globally agreed mechanism to assign addresses within the RFC 1918 space amongst the different wireless groups.

The best approximation that currently exists is the following URL: http://www.freenetworks.org/moin/index.cgi/NetworkAddressAllocations which lists the addresses used by those groups who have volunteered this information.

It is recommended that any new group which is interested in having a unique set of IP addresses, register its usage at this location. There is no agreed standard as to the number of addresses that should be assigned to a group, but it is recommended that the requested allocations be conservative, as it is always possible to request another block at a later stage.

Setting up an Incorporated Society

DrewWhittle, AlexKing and Selwyn are intersted in this
We are looking at incorporating. Drew has a set of rules which we will use as a starting point.

Getting Schools involved in the network

AlexKing, BrettShand, JasonMoodie and JulianEden are interested in this.
Schools can benefit from community networking in the same way as individuals and other organisations can. They can improve their internet browsing experience by sharing web caches and experiment with broadband applications between schools (most schools in Dunedin are still using modem dialup links for their internet access). Each school we can get running is a node in our network which helps our coverage, and we are providing a community benefit by helping the schools.

Quake Server

JasonMoodie is interested in this.
Just an Idea but people need something to do or use on the network that is going to be set up. No one is going to spend lots of time and money on a project just to share the odd file. They would if there were 200 existing nodes. Why not try to set up a games server. Anyone palyed QIII over JetStream. You get addicted to it because of the raw speed of the connection and the intelligent game play.


Hi there, whens the next meeting please, and can we come along?
Scarfies.Net Ltd http://www.scarfies.net/

Push 4 Wireless

Things are moving along very slow. You should really push to get wireless network setup in some on Dunedin by early this year. I think many people would use it, and you could charge a joining fee to pay off the access point.

Scarfies.Net Ltd Wireless Network Now Live!

Get your access points/PCI Cards, whatever and join in! http://www.scarfies.net/

Buenos Aires Libre invites

Dear Sirs,

My name is Abel Berenstein and I am in charge of international relations at Buenos Aires Libre, the community wireless network of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Buenos Aires Libre (formerly known as freebaires) is a community proyect carried on by volunteers that disinterestedly intend to build a free wireless network on Buenos Aires, for fun and benefit of anyone who wants to use it.

The project itself exist since some time ago but only recently we could erect and interconnect some nodes to be used freely by the public.

We are also involved in an intense discussion about our orgamization and the social aspects of this project.

Similarly, other projects exist in many cities all over the world, each one having its own experiences and difficulties.

Why not to share them?

Technical aspects as well as social or organizative ones, we can add to these fascinating projects the fascinating experience of sharing ideas and experiences, to enrich ourselves or to not repeat mistakes, or simply to enjoy the fun of the interchange.

All this said, we invite you to connect us and members of other community network projects from other cities worldwide every wednesday at 10 p.m. argentine time (GMT-3) at our server irc.buenosaireslibre.org, channel #buenosaireslibre.

Thank you very much, see you the next wednesday.

Abel Berenstein



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