Fireside Coffee Lodge

1223 SE Powell Blvd.

Portland, OR 97202


24 hour coffee (excepting Sundays, on which they are closed) (the hot chocolate is quite good)

free wired cablemodem access

Owners "Tori" and husband "Rich"

(you might want to bring a cushion, for the log stumps you sit on at the "ethernet counter" are just a smidge uncomfortable. then again, maybe that's the idea... they don't want people camping on their 'net all day. *g*)

What I have found is the coffee prices are cheaper than Heaven. DaveJensen sometimes brings his WAP11 to provide wireless Internet so you can sit on the sofa.

I spoke with Tori one evening and she said she likes it when people come in late at night to do their homework. She actually encourages people to hang out. This is the ideal place to have as a node.

I'm using the Fireside as a model when I'm looking for potential node locations.

-- LonnieWormley November 22, 2002

The FiresideCoffeeLodge has free wireless now, as well, but you must go in to get the daily SSID to get online.

MichaelZwirn 03-16-04


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