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This text was originally written on the SydneyWireless page. It is being adapted for use by PersonalTelco

Dear (name of person at Itec Conference), This is in regards to our previous conversation at the December Itec Convention. We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with the additional information you requested regarding our organization and what we do here at Personal Telco. Personal Telco is a community-orientated group creating an inter-connecting wireless network which will allow members of the community at large to provide information and the means for free communication for others to experience, while making use of new technologies at little or no ongoing cost.

Members from the community involved with Personal Telco Project are in the process of investigating methods by which it can economically provide a community service to help individuals wishing to make use of this cost effective means of communication and collaboration. Our goal is to allow members of the community to share resources and build new technological services through the Internet without high ongoing fees charged by commercial organizations.

Participants in this are very demographically diverse and utilize the network for various reasons, some of which include voice conversations (similar in nature to telephone services), information research, community news distribution, and countless other diverse opportunities we hope to explore.

This is all possible due to advances in radio and computer technology that allows Personal Telco Project volunteers to link up between homes, by means of an antenna transmitting a signal. Another antenna receives the signal on another rooftop. With such technology we are no longer bound to desks or copper wires to provide us with the means of traditional information access.

Buildings such as the one you live in are of interest to us because they appear to have good Line of Sight (LOS) and these premises are close to existing, as well as potential neighbors in surrounding buildings.

We are seeking your permission to install a single 25mm diameter, 1 to 2m long, horizontal pole somewhere on or near the highest point of the roof of your building. Personal Telco Project volunteers will attach this horizontal pole to brick using dynabolts and it is unlikely to require guy wires.

On the top end of the mast will be 0.5m long, 150mm diameter beige PVC tube which Personal Telco Project volunteers could paint with non-metallic paint to match your buildings color scheme. This tube is an omni direction aerial that connects via a 10mm diameter coaxial cable to a converter box which turns the radio signal into an Internet workable computer data. The system operates at, on average, less output then a mobile phone in the public 2.4GHz region, which requires no carrier licensing. The box would probably require wall or rooftop mounting.

We expect that from said box there will be a 20mm diameter PVC conduit run. This conduit would contain electrical and data cable to interface with the converter box circuitry.

Personal Telco Project volunteers would naturally pay all installation costs and electricity charges if the system were to run off an outlet inside the building under your authority. We expect the unit to have a demand no greater than 20 to 30 Watts, or 4 to 6 cents per day, of electrical power consumption.

Please let us know if you are aware of any restrictions which might impure our access for any reason.

We await your response at the postal address below; alternatively you can email your response to the collective directly at Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,

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