PTP would love to run on pure love and good karma but until Whuffie becomes the international medium we need the cold hard greenbacks.

Listed here are various FundRaising ideas, please add to it and cooment on what's here.

The Chinook Book -

My wife and I get at least two of these every year and we more than save at leasts double what we paid for the books, heck I saved about 24$ in one day of shopping, but then again I was out to prove a point. They are a great source of coupons, we love cupons, and a great way to support community and environmentaly friendly buisnesses. Here is the blurb from thier site.

"Chinook Book is an extraordinary new fundraising tool available to schools and community groups in the metro region. Chinook Book contains educational information and thousands of dollars worth of coupons. Every product or service in the book meets your local environmental criteria.

Chinook Book is a fundraising tool for schools, non-profits, conservation organizations and other community groups. The books sell for $18 each and the seller keeps up to 50%, depending on the number sold. "

scrip -

We have used scrip from our kids school. The idea is this, the group sells gift certificates and/or gift cards from various participating mercahnts. The group gets a percentage, anywhere from 1% to 25% with an avg of 5%, of the face value of what they sold. The buyer does not pay a dime.

For instnace..If I buy 100$ of Powells Books scrip (gift certificates) from the PTP I can go purchase 100$ of books from Powells. The PTP gets 5$

There is a much better explanation up at .

The upside is the NSC has got a lot of merchants to participate so you will find that most of the stores you frequent for food, clothing and the mass of consumer spending are in on it. IF enough PTP members use the Scrip the PTP gets a percentage, the memebers still buy what they want and everyone is happy as clams.


escrip -

How it works from the Contributors end-

From PTPs end-


from their FAQ "What types of organizations can participate in the eScrip program? The eScrip program is a program for schools and organizations that directly support the education of youth. " Could the PTP make a case for educational?

Cafe Press -

Ebay Auctions -

Antennas, waterproof boxes, etc.


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