The PersonalTelcoProject has purchased or been given a number of items that have utility and would best serve the public interest by being used. For that reason, we are instituting a program by which hardware loans (temporary or indefinite) may be requested, and the hardware distributed in an equitable and open manner. As this page is enhanced, we will list the equipment availabe for loan and its disposition.

Initially, the Board of Directors has decided, in response to an application, to loan 6 NetgearWgt634u's to AaronBaer for use in expansion of Node134 (ArborLodge) for an indefinite duration.

The following obligations apply to loan recipients:

Date of Loan







6 Netgear WGT634U's and 6 12V1A AC adapters:
PTP-01 (eth0 macaddr: 00-09-5B-D1-15-FB),
PTP-03 (eth0 macaddr: 00-09-5B-F6-29-A6),
PTP-04 (eth0 macaddr: 00-09-5B-F6-2D-1E),
PTP-05 (eth0 macaddr: 00-09-5B-F6-3A-FA),
PTP-06 (eth0 macaddr: 00-09-5B-F7-A7-04),
PTP-07 (eth0 macaddr: 00-09-5B-F7-DF-B1)

Enhance and extend Node134 (ArborLodge)

6 Netgear WGT634U's and 7 12V1A AC adapters:
eth0: 00:09:5B:D1:15:FB,
eth0: 00:0F:B5:0E:6F:D9,
eth0: 00:09:5B:F6:2D:1E,
eth0: 00:09:5B:F6:3A:FA,
eth0: 00:09:5B:F7:EF:E7,
eth0: 00:09:5B:F7:DF:B1
Returned: 2009-06-28



2 antennas:
13 dBi panel
13 dBi poynting yagi
(neither had mounting hardware)

Enhance and extend Node134 (ArborLodge)


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