If you are new to all the community networking stuff one of the first questions everybody asks is "What should I buy". Well it depends a little on what you want but here are some general options where we attempt to balance ease of use, cost and future flexibility.

Newbie Client

Just wanna get on the network? Well here's a good way to start and make sure you don't get ripped off.

Geek Client

If you're serious about your WarDriving and want a client node with some flexibility and power, you need to shop around! ;)

The Hacker Node

This is what a lot of us are building now. The downside is that the Sylistic 1000's are 486 based so will not be able to run ExtrusionDetection software very well (if at all). This is an extremely cheap and flexible solution but does require a significant amount of knowledge to put it all together or a bit of stamina to stick out the learning curve.

Out of the Box Node

Here would be our recommendation if you were happy to spend more money in exchange for a solution which should mostly "just work".

Personal Digital Assistants

I've added a link to a PersonalDigitalAssistant page so that information about these wireless capable devices can be documented on the PersonalTelco web site. -- LonnieWormley


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