Personal Telco Project
Portland Oregon USA
Contact: Press Liaison Nigel Ballard

Release date: March 11 2002

Intel helps community wireless group in Portland OR equip first ever hostel with free broadband wireless,

Personal Telco, the community wireless group in Portland Oregon has today turned on another high-profile 802.11b free public access node thanks to a generous donation by Intel.

"I approached Intel, Oregon's only Fortune 100 company, told them we intended to put up a number of free WiFi access points around central Portland, and that a donation of hardware from them would be most welcomed" said Nigel Ballard a wireless consultant living in Portland who is also an active member of the volunteer wireless group.

Ballard went on to explain that the eager Personal Telco volunteers have just completed their latest install at the Portland Hostel on Hawthorne Boulevard which is part of Hostelling International. Guests can now surf the web at high speed without wires from anywhere in the building, even out in the garden. The hostel has a stock of 802.11b wireless cards to loan residents.

"It amuses me that the cheapest beds in Portland now have the fastest Internet access which is both free and cutting-edge Wireless" commented Ballard who also said you'd be surprised just how many hostel guests now carry laptops. "As we wrapped up our installation last night, two hostel guests were sat in comfy armchairs, sipping coffee and surfing the web on their laptops, they looked very happy".

This is the first hostel in the USA, possibly the world to have free high-speed broadband wireless.

The Personal Telco Project is a local group of community spirited computer geeks keen to provide this access to those who either cannot afford it or don't understand the technology enough to do it themselves.

The group meets once a month, has a very active web site at and welcomes all new members interested in either setting up their own shared node, or just learning about this unlicensed wireless standard.

Personal Telco is able to offer free wireless Internet access due to the hardware and location donations of local businesses, and to the volunteer efforts of its members.

The Hostel installation was made possible thanks to Intel, the enthusiastic support of Hostel Manager Chris Moehling and to local independent ISP Easystreet who provide high-speed DSL service to consumers and businesses in the Portland area.

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