Name: Keith Lofstrom
Email: <keithl AT keithl DOT com>
Node Info: NodeId:<KLIC>

The list of all the pages I've contributed to:


I'm one step up from newbie, showed up for my first PTP meeting July 23, 2003.

A suggestion for moving PTP forwards: SurfingSchool

I don't have a node running yet. I have a household connection to Comcast cable (I can't get DSL here). Multiple machines running Linux . Lose98 running on three machines under VMware, no native M$ machines. Heaps of ethernet cables running everywhere.

My laptop is a Thinkpad T30 2GHz with a Netgear WG511T Atheros card. The machine is running Sclentific Linux 4.4, a clone of RHEL4.

I am located near Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and Jamieson. I could be throwing bits at the local businesses (Mcdonalds, Round Table Pizza, Bimart, KFC, many others) if I can avoid Comcast TOS restrictions.

I am a mixed-signal integrated circuit design consultant. KLIC is my consulting business. When I am not consulting, I fiddle with a web page at . I prefer getting my email at keithl AT keithl DOT com .

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