LinuxFund is a project that enables pretty much everyone to contribute painlessly to the Free and Open Source Software revolution in an interactive and substantial way through the use of a Tux-branded credit card.

At the website, users are able to vote for projects and thereby manage the funding pool. Individual developers or better organized projects apply for Development Grants that enable them to further their work.


LinuxFund's offices are now inside the OpenOregon community technology center (nascent). WeeklyMeetings are currently happening here. --AndrewWoods


Old content about previous location below:

If you're trying to find out where the weekly meeting is going to happen, note that the following map is a wee bit screwed -- the linuxfund office is in the Governor building, SW 2nd at Stark. Just north of the on/off ramps for the morrison bridge. --AndrewWoods


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