There are lots of ideas how and what our MappingSoftware (currently the WnDb) should do. Here's the beginnings of a list of requirements for a possible rewrite by SethShikora.

The mapping software is the technical heart of the community. It is what shows us what we've accomplished and allows us to set and meet goals. By measuring usage statistics it is also what allows node owners to feel the PrideOfOwnership and understand their contribution to the network. Due to the volunteer nature of a CommunityNetwork it should be as self maintaining as possible and as decentralized as possible.

Some of these goals are obviously ones for futher down the road, but hopefully thinking about them early on will allow us the better achieve our end goals. For a list of current wishes for the WnDb software please see the WnDbDevel page. -- AdamShand

General Features

Mapping Features

Data Management Features

Requests and Comments


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