This is the script to use as a placeholderfor the mp3 stream for this month's meeting. AaronBaer is doing the reading. --DonPark 31Oct2002

"Welcome to Personal Telco Radio. All wireless all the time. Today is October 31st 2002. Happy Halloween. the Personal Telco monthly meeting is happening today, in Portland Oregon at 6 pm pacific time or 01:00 hours GMT.

Personal Telco is a Portland based grassroots effort which helps communities build alternative communication networks. By creating, packaging and disseminating Open Source tools, documentation and community support, we are building city wide wireless networks which are open to, and maintained by, the public.

The Featured presestation tonight is titled Satellite Networks and Services: When Wireless Networking IS Rocket Science.

Don Hoffman will give an overview of the design and characteristics of the various satellite network services.

In addition to a general overview and retrospective, he will focus in detail on the Teledesic and ICO systems for which he served as principal network architect for several years. Information on these can be found at and

Remember: all the action is taking place on IRC at server on channel #ptp

A live mp3 feed is available at

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