July Monthly Meeting

When and Where

Urban Grind Coffee 2214 NE Oregon St. (take 22nd Ave. 2 blocks North of Sandy Blvd.)

Wednesday, July 27th, 6pm-9pm


Agenda Items

Notes for July PersonalTelco meeting

Scribe: Sam Churchill

are here. There are about 50 people at UrbanGrind on this hot evening.

Darrin has a map (on the big screen) of the Mississippi Project. Darrin asks Michael Weinburg and Ben Jencks to explain the latest news on Mississippi. Ben explains that they are working to bring services all into one level of service (layer 2 vrs layer 3).

Darrin Eden starts the election segment. He explains that the two candidates, Don Park and Aaron Baer, will speak for a few minutes and answer some questions from PTP officers and others.

Second phase is questions:

(1) Aaron Baer: Hasn't been drawn out but has a set of goals. A nonprofit that is more sustainable. Focus more on learning how to use resources in the community. Better manage communications with the community. Goal to iron out external inquiries.

(2) Don Park: PTPNet (rooftop to rooftop network). Identify costs and technology. Weigh volunteer base vrs projects.

(1) Don Park: [Garbled, couldn't hear well]

(2) Aaron Baer: [Also difficult to transcribe]

(1) Aaron Baer: Getting the community to take ownership of the technology. Find hardware that is sustainable and reliable and create an infrastructure that involves people and provides ownership for the community.

(2) Don Park: Agrees with much of what Aaron said. Important to involve community into PTP culture.

(1) Don Park: Scope is limited to Portland, on the other hand, we're not turning people away. Documentation and educational materials is the key for people outside the area.

(2) Aaron Baer: Also feels that should focus on local area. Need density to be more successful. Scope is virtually limitless because PTPNet is not limited to the immediate area. The infrastructure is easily connected to other communities around the country and world. So software is key.

(1) Aaron Baer: We can contact lawyers, EFF, for advice. As a 501c3 there will be issues and liability. The acceptable use policy is a good document we can follow.

(2) Don Park: It's taken on a case by case. Heaven Cafe: PTP contacted by FBI for files of illegal activity. But PTP has no files. It's a strategy Don likes.

(1) Don Park: Meeting people, socializing with friends. Being part of a nationally recognized institution.

(2) Aaron Baer: Being able to contribute back into the Open Source community. Being able to give back to local and world community and involve local community.

The ballot box is on the table. Break is declared. Votes are being calculated

And the winner is....

Don Park has won the presidency for Personal Telco!

Congratulations to both Don Park and Aaron Baer! They have contributed hundreds of hours of their time to make PersonalTelco a vital and successful organization.

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