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1. Multnomah Central Library access

2. Problems with opening a personal node into the public sphere

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AdamShand - no overwhelming security concerns with opening node, study done legal analysis by eff, no liability issues no obligation, personally not a huge risk, next potential risk is bandwidth usage

Audience - should i run a vpn to protect myself

AdamShand - yes that's a good solution if you can do it

LonnieWormley - other solution, shield essid, two wireless points, one private one public

Audience ? what kind of solutions for high speed ap

AdamShand -, enter your address and search for close by nodes,good way to collaborate andshare costs with a neighbor

LonnieWormley - ask around during the monthly meeting

AdamShand - wifi can go up to 30 miles

LonnieWormley - a matter of exploring and sharing with other interested parties

DatNguyen - commissioner randy leonard, city of portland

AdamShand - it isn't just politics, simply financial reasons that hold back city wide usage

Audience - question about bandwidth pollution, any way to use multiple yagis

AdamShand - not recommended to use multiple yagis, patch antenna displayed, recommend two seperate antennas

Audience - what's a yagi

AdamShand - yagis focus 15 degrees, satellite antennas 3-4 degrees, omni-directional wider shaping pattern, antennas don't increase range they just shape

Audience - calculate per foot loss source available on the internet

NigelBallard - search for a microway calculation, they are the makers of lmr cables

AdamShand - waterproof boxes with soekris boxes inside

DatNguyen - pelican case with soekris inside, battery power inside too, rj45 port on exterior

Audience - what is the status of your 501c3 status and what would it open up for ptp

AdamShand - ability to receive donations and to apply for grants, ideal scenario is buy a box, attach to wall, leds light up connect to laptop, this is adhoc networking

Audience - is this more a software or hardware problem

AdamShand - both are issues, best solution now is a soekris box, a box running linux with your special configurations done, then some serious development issues are apparent, example how do i make this scale

NatPowning - nodes on brooklyn, hope for more down brooklyn and connect down the strip

AdamShand - hollywood nodes have been installed, 5 nodes up at one point

Audience - is portland is setting a standard for wifi promotion

AdamShand - i'd like to think so, seattle, bawug, nycwireless

NigelBallard - a huge piece on ptp coming out in the portland business journal, come out 4th april in the telecommunications special

NatPowning - we've done a great job of promotion and press coverage

AdamShand - interesting because when we started we got spurned, but now garnering attention is more accessible, we are attempting to write mappingsoftware again

Audience - doesn't intel have mapping software available

AdamShand - intel has viewed wireless community groups as a disruptive influence, they're not sure what to think of us

NigelBallard - at one time g3 good and wifi bad, now wifi is good and g2.5 is latent

AdamShand - core members of ptp are sadly newcomers to portland, the longtime local support contact is very valuable to ptp

NigelBallard - intel was late to the wifi market, they tend to dam the most progressive technology and they play catchup, they don't like it when they can't steer the industry, apple should be remembered as a prime mover in promoting wifi

SamChurchill - apple responsible for opening up spectrum also

AdamShand - large nation wide isps are almost never going to allow wifi sharing, if you have a cable modem you are limited

LonnieWormley - suggests qwest business class

TheMacStore - comcast doesn't allow business class in the portland area yet

AdamShand - easystreet, aracnet, spiritone, speakeasy are recommended, verizon not sure of their term of service, the isp makes the call, check the ptp section wireless isp policies, cable modems not legal, atg is another isp that allows wifi sharing, tmobile refused to acknowledge ptp in only but press releases, tmobile has acknowledged they will do site surveys

Audience - ocate has been offering wifi how-tos by intel

AaronJohnson - the ocate stuff has been archived on their site

AdamShand - thanks for coming, after presentation we'll go over meeting business and answer more questions

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Multnomah Central Library

US Bank Conference Room

April 2003



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