RoseAndRaindrop : May 30th 2001
Scribe: ColinDabritz
Reprinted from a post to the MailingList and edited by AdamShand

There was a pre-meeting talking about setting up a low power FM radio station, possibly loosely associated with PersonalTelco. There were lots of good ideas discussed but no one seemed to really want to take the lead role on this. SamChurchill said that there are no low power stations available in Portland so talk went off on other tangents (pirate radio, am radio, internet radio etc). The rough desired concept is we get some space on a tower and some frequency bandwidth and then we can send an audio shoutcast stream to a Linux box connected to the antenna. Anyone with a computer, and a mic could potentially be a DJ. Because this is really a side project a new MailingList has been created dedicated to discussion on this.

The Main Meeting


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