Hollywood Public Library: 31st October 2002
Next Meeting: MeetingJanuary2003
Scribe: Aaron Johnson

New people introductions Nigel Ballard

Speaker introduction Lucas Sheehan

The voice of ops Don Park

Here are some interesting statistics from the monthly meeting.

30 people were in attendance at the library conference room.
20 people were listening to the meeting via the streaming mp3 station
17 people were in the IRC channel.
An unknown number of people were watching the real video stream.
I would guess half the mp3 listeners were also in the IRC channel.
About 6 people in the conference room were also in the IRC channel.

As Don H. went along in his talk, the people in the channel had access to the slides in HTML.

Thanks to the ops team for helping to put this together. Especially Tom Fitzgerald - Real Encoder w/ handycam & audio equipment, Tony 'xam' at wi2600.com - mp3 server box on a fat pipe, Darrin E. Aaron J. Dave J. 'coderman' Erik W. - on-site setup, Aaron B. - 'The voice of PTP radio'.

General Meeting


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