LuckyLab : 26th September 2001
Scribe: Lonnie Wormley
It's late, i'll finish later 2001-09-28
23 folks at the meeting

Focus Meeting

Special intrest groups

Mat has mapping software going.

Why are the new people here. Un-employed software developers from Hawthorn area want to check out wireless future. Want to put antenna on the Horsebrass. Out of range for DSL, want to do hosting and avoid COHO pricing.

Presentation F Sona

David Grimes

Presentation F Sona manufacturers point to point laser using 45Mbit. Laser T-1 up ti gigabit. Another name is Free Space Optics (FSO). Qwest wants to use it as back haul. 802.11A is full duplex

2 kilometer laser $30k fiber interface that uses ethernet. Advantage is that it cuts through rain. Fog has to be designed for. 800 nano meter (nm) and 1400 nm and above. Under 1400 nm gets focused on your retna and can blind you, but will not hurt as it does damage, over 1400 nm will gets dispersed rather than focused and will irritate your eye and cause you to look away before causing damage.

F Sona has 1550 nm products. Distance can be as much as 14 Km.

Multistory buildings flex and move as temeratures change. Multi beams will allow the recieving laser to work properly. has more information. $400 - $600 customer premisis equipment

Use rifle scope to align pairs of lasers

Expedence in Florida.

General Meeting

Question to the group.

Aren't you pissing off the ISPs by stealing bandwidth. Fundamentally you pay for bandwidth is it all yours and can you share it. Is this an EULA or do you own it.

Exrusion detection is the role of the captive portal software.

What is EasyStreet desire. They want PTP to be everywhere and we will provide last mile access. The PTP has a TOS that says we will not do re-sale.

The joy of doing it for free is when it breaks you do not have to fix it.

NYCwireless is now non profit.

Michael C. is getting more Stylistics working. Paid for 35 and got 25.

T-shirts orders and are on the way. Pay at paypal and Adam will bring paid list to the meeting for distribution. PTP account after shirts has $50.

Booth at ITEC. Lucus was 'sexboy' on IRC

Trip to Ashland: They have a DS3 (and T1 backup) feeding a fiber loop that covers the entire city with fiber running to the door of all 9000 households. (About 2000 of them have subscribed.) They offer cable TV for $30/month and internet access for $30/month (3-5mb down and and 1mb up) over the fiber. They started the AshlandUnwired group that goes to a business and talks them into getting on the AFN (AshlandFiberNetwork) and buying an AP. The AshlandUnwired group gets the word out by having a sticker on the door of business that offer unwired access, as well as at large events putting stickers on water and selling them. (They gave them away the first time, but decided it would be better to sell them). The AshlandUnwired people do not have a lot of technical knowledge about wireless (antennas, etc.), but they know alot about social engineering.

Sam's website is the coolest

Summer beer social is over.

If coffee gets you wired then this beer gets you wireless


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