Mississippi Grant Project

IMPORTANT UPDATE 3/30/05: The Meyer Memorial Trust has funded our grant proposal in full. This page will now contain documentation for the execution of the grant. General, non-technical information will be presented at HistoricMississippiCommunityNetwork.

This page will serve as a central repository for proposals and decisions regarding our upcoming grant proposal. Please date your thoughts and leave your name. -MichaelWeinberg

At Hack Night, the following was outlined:

Site survey was done this morning. Plan to use a 3 radio antenna array mounted on a chimney. Currently two rooftops are in play: one as the anchor point and wired backhaul location, and the other for wireless backhaul to extend the coverage. -MichaelWeinberg 11/13/04

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Hardware Information and Prices

Backhaul Infrastructure

This is the infrastructure that will "cloud" the Mississippi area with the main source of network conectivity.

The backbone of the network will look something like this: - AaronBaer
The building at the corner of Mississippi and Shaver will host the main source of the network. This will consist of three wireless devices. One device providing an omni-directional presence and two devices with directional vagi or patch antennas with high gain one pointing south and one pointing north along the length of Mississippi. This point will also manage the point of presence to the Internet which is expected to be a 6mb/6mb dsl line donated by a to be announced ISP (StepHouse).

For the initial roll out there will be two other backhaul points south of the initial node. One point half way down the down the main area in question residing on the other side of the street, rebroadcasting an omni-directional signal to the midpoint of the network. The second point will be at the end of the area in question at the crest of the hill rebroadcasting and omni-directional signal locally and a directional signal which will crest the top of the hill and point towards downtown Portland.

Metrix Mark II $539.99/each

Metrix Mark I $329/each

Cisco 1230 AIRONET 1230 AG ACCESS POINT (donation)

Client Infrastructure

Each point where connections will be made to the network the client will connect to the main backhaul of the network using a WET11 (is this the only approved device?). This device will route all clients to the main part of the network. (Downfall-all clients will appear as one)

Each local client can maintain proper signal coverage for the immediate area with local Access Points.

Linksys/Cisco Bridges WET54GS5 $158.65/each

Linksys WAP54G Wireless-G Access Point $65.99/each

Other Needed Hardware


Antenna Mounts

Antenna Masts

POE Injectors $40/each

LMR-400 20' $25; 10' $18

Other needed equipment

Network Gadgets

VoIP phones GrandStream Budgetone $65/each

Other Information

Photos of a site survey performed on the NAYA rooftop last September.
Aerial photo of the mississippi area.

ReconGroup has created a page to share documentation with the AntennaGroup, and the InfrastructureGroup.

See NodeMississippi for the regular-style node information page.

Publicity and Outreach

We have a budget to print flyers, brochures and handouts. We will need manpower to distribute them as well. Please offer ideas on who to target, what to say and how to reach them on the MississippiOutreach page.


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