Quoting Nigels email:

The first MOSS meeting will be held at the Lucky Lab on May 3rd from 2-5 pm. This is your opportunity to meet other Open Source developers and advocates in Oregon. If you want to confirm that you're attending, please add your name to the Attendees page.


advocates of well known projects like Apache, Linux, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, as well as lesser-known projects to attend. There will also be people involved in the Oregon Open Source bill (HB 2892) and the Personal Telco wireless project attending.


this will be a social meeting without a fixed agenda. We will provide a white board and wiki to capture who attended and what projects they are involved in. Wireless connectivity will likely not be available at this first event. If we are able to arrange wireless for the event, we will post an update on this page.




Area. If you have an interest in promoting Open Source in Oregon or just want to find out what Open Source developers on Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows, etc. are doing in Oregon then this is the place to be.

The Lucky Lab has food, beer, and wine (menu).

* * * Neither the Lucky Lab or organizers will be responsible for lost or stolen goods. We don't recommend that you bring any equipment unless you are willing to keep track of it yourself. * * *

- ColinDabritz

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