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NewCloneArmyBox Config

Here in will be the recipe needed to install a clean, effecient and viable build of Debian, NoCat and related apps to turn a NewCloneArmyBox into a powerfull node on the PTPnet

(These are rough notes taken by JeffWillard and DarrinEden from the actions of KeeganQuinn which will be hammered into a step by step recipe)


=== The Debian Install === (booting using bf2.4 floppies and network install)

The NoCat Install

BIOS v.1.11 for the dec 3500 series pc The text file with the bios update indicates that without it the bios will loose the the hard drive. hmmm sound familiar... First modifiy bios main section, boot menu change bios to update, exit saving changes. Boot off the boot floppy that was downloaded from above and all should be better. bummer I still have a microcontroller failure. Booted off the rescue disk with boot root=/dev/hda2 then installed lilo with "apt-get install lilo" ran "liloconfig" then tested with "/sbin/lilo". Now the system boots...

Installing the PTPnet Node Files

(soon to be)


option domain-name-servers [your dns server or local isp dns server here]; option subnet-mask; default-lease-time 600; max-lease-time 8600; subnet 10.11.X.0 netmask {


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