Location: House of TomHiggins
Date: 01/26/03
Planned Start Time: 12 Noon
Actual Start Time: 12 Noon

Role call: TomHiggins , EugeneKeam , RossOlson , Jack, Dennis


Next meeting:Feb 2003 (Feb 23 2003) NewbieWorkshop02
Topic: Reach Out and Connect to Someone
Everyone seemed excited about building out the network with low cost accessable solutions. If its doable now, why wait? The next gathering will probably include building some sort of homebrew antenna (equipment lists and background needed to do this to be posted soon), a look at some kits Jack and Dennis mentioned at this meeting, begin work on forming connections to each others nodes (proof of concept, work out the kinks, make it happen) and more Questions and Answers on all sorts of topics as we go.

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