I was the press liaison for Personal Telco.

In a nutshell:

"Take a bunch of community spirited folk with excess bandwidth and this cool new wireless technology called 802.11. We're willing to freely share these resources with each other and those who live near us. We aren't doing it to make money, just to share our resources and to educate ourselves into the bargain. Eventually we'd like to link up with other free community networks around the world. It would be great to think we could travel to say Europe and still get the same level of wireless Internet service we have at home"

I own the web domain joejava.com and it is from there I run my wireless consultancy. I've worked on the development of some of the wireless equipment you may well be using today!

You can go directly to my consultancy page here: http://www.joejava.com

Cheers Nigel

Nigel Ballard
Joejava Wireless
Email: nigel@joejava.com
WWW: http://www.joejava.com


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