RobFlickenger posted a fair use agreement for the NoCat network. I like it better then ours for a lot of reasons, but simplicity, friendliness and readability are the big ones. -- AdamShand

Updated to reflect that The Personal Telco Project uses the for its network. -- AaronBaer

See also: Pico Peering Agreement, AcceptableUsePolicy

Fair Use


Transport on the network shall be available free of charge to anyone capable of accessing it.

However, it is reasonable for any operator of an Internet gateway to request compensation to recover their recurring Internet bandwidth costs. Any packets that leave the network qualify as Internet traffic, and an Internet gateway operator may wish for Downstream users to help split their recurring costs. These sort of arrangements are completely outside the scope of this community group, and are left to be negotiated between the people involved.

But for traffic that originates,travels through, and arrives at an address in, no member may impose a restriction of any sort, with the following exceptions:

(Keep in mind that the definitions of ambiguous words like "Reasonable" and "Abuse" are to be defined by consensus of the cooperative.)

Naturally, an enormous amount of effort is involved in setting up and maintaining wireless networking gear. Here are a few instances where money may acceptably change hands:

Members are encouraged to barter time and equipment whenever possible. We enjoy a wealth of talented and intelligent people here in the West County... And most of them are excited to help the effort, however they can!

Violators of the above should be reported to the community group, and will be met with anything from a nice email to complete banning from the wireless network. Yes, we can do that, too.

In short: Be nice, play fair, have fun.


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