NoSecurity - the side of the debate that wants to set up a Wireless network in the community and open the proverbial BarnDoors for anyone to join in the coffee shop surfin' fun.

Well, with a wiki, you can use databases to rollback what others have done (in terms of damage) fairly easily (in theory). With networks, what's the equivalent? Once the damage is done (hogged bandwidth, say), you can't undo it - you can try to ban that person, but they can fake a new MAC address. I'm really warming to the idea of a 2- or 3-tiered system

  1. Paid users
  2. Trusted unpaid users
  3. Public at large

You can give full access to 1 & 2, and have an always-on, always-available network for 3. You'd limit their "time on in 24 hours" or bandwidth to 64k - this way, they can do only-so-much damage in a single session, but you let them do whatever they want. Think of it like the bumper car ride - everyone can bump you, you can only bump so many people because you're big & don't perform well, and you can not do much damage since you are slow. -- DanRichardson


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