CRAP! I had the stylistic up high so it was close to the antenna and it fell 10 feet onto the hardwood floor. (Note: duct tape is not a good mounting solution) Now I need a new NIC card I think (otherwise, it seems to be fine). -- GeneMerrill

Not sure if you can call me a node yet, since my antenna is mounted indoors (a 12db omni mounted high in the computer room) but it'll soon be roof mounted. Just need some wxproofing and a longer length of LMR.

You can get access if you walk/drive a few blocks south on 39th from 39th/Hawthorne. When you get signal, take a left and park by the big yellow church. I'm hoping to use that church or maybe bagdad for some vertical real estate, but haven't approached anyone yet.

Please post about success/failure in getting access; until I'm hooked up to the monitoring scripts it's the only way I know people are trying it.

-- GeneMerrill


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