Node name: ISPGuy
Node Info: NodeId:570
Live Date: Febuary 5, 2004
Sponsor: ISPGuy Consulting
Contact: Brian Thompson


The node is located at:

173rd & Barcelona Way
Aloha, OR 97007

Equipment Donated

Cisco Pix515 Cisco AP350

Software Installed

PIX 6.3(1) AP350 12.2(16)

Network Topology

See NetworkAddressAllocations.

Installers / Organizers

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Node-570: Still kind of in testing. Fully up and running. Cisco 12db omni antena mounted on 25ft mast. Powered by cisco AP350. SSID Connected on Alcatel DSL from Verizon terminiated on DSL-Only for access. Speeds are 785down/135up. Will be working on coverage map but I am sure I can reach a long ways. I have used this combanation to reach over 2 miles with line of site, using a WGB350 with 14db yagi on the other end.

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