Installation Target Date: February 12, 2011

We've had the DSL up and an AlixCab gateway installed since January 29th. This page is dedicated to planning the installation of the initial two nodes in the SkyPilot network.

Each SkyPilot device needs to be able to see one another. For that, they need to be at or above roof level. The SkyGateway, which connects the mesh network to an internet connection will on the property of AaronBaer, at 6856 N Greeley Ave. The plan is to fasten a 12-foot 4x4 to an existing gate post, or other fixed object-of-opportunity, and then mount a 10-foot 1-inch steel pipe to the post using available mounting brackets recovered from the original mounting hardware used by MetroFi.

We need at least one cat5 run to the SkyGateway. If possible, we should consider running a second cat5 to provide a remote serial console. Three PoE injectors have been purchased.

Outstanding questions:

Second device, a SkyExtenderDualBand is to be installed on a chimney at 6954 N Greeley. We'll use a shorter mast here, just enough to mount to the chimney and get the 2.4GHz omni antennas clear of the chimney top. We have Channel Master chimney mounts in stock. We'll need a cat5 cable run to somewhere with power.

Other issues?

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