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Live Date: May 31st, 2012
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6423 SE Foster Rd.
Portland, OR 97206




Built in 1924, the Bob White Theatre started as one of many simple neighborhood cinemas in the Arleta/Powell area. It ran primarily as a movie theatre until the late 1960’s when the stage was extended to accommodate live music. After that point it served as home to a variety of film, theater and music until it was closed in 1984.

In 1990 Dale Haskins purchased the theatre, using it as his private residence, and built a connecting warehouse that he used to restore pipe organs. During this time the theatre was closed off from the public eye.

Now, after being dark for almost 30 years, the marquee will soon light up once again. New owner, Nick Storie is beginning to breath life back into the space. He envisions the future of the Bob White Theatre as a prominent new Portland entertainment venue, as well as a place where the Foster-Powell neighborhood can celebrate music, art, culture and community.



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