OLSR is the optimized link state routing protocol, and is available as the olsrd package available (source or various binaries) here: http://www.olsr.org

It is currently fairly popular because it is easy to install and configure, though the docs are a little sparse at times.

Olsrd is available as an OpenWRT package, for those who wish to run it on Linksys WRT54Gs or the like (currently available as version 0.4.10).

Compiling olsrd locally requires flex and bison.

For some insight as to which version to run, or which options to enable, read this: https://www.open-mesh.net/misc/optimized-link-state-routing-deamon/olsr-story.txt/view

(Moral of the story: don't use any version prior to 0.4.10, don't use Hysteresis, don't use the default configuration.)

There is a small mesh (one house with 6 nodes) in Aloha (see the node map), and a larger mesh is rumored to exist in NE Portland.

Aloha mesh configuration:

Network nodes (numbered by last byte of IP address):

OLSR is being used at a number of locations. A medium-sized network like ArborLodge has been using it since 2005? You can see OLSR links on the NodeMap at NodeMap:NodeBoston for example.

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