This page is no longer used. Please see the MissionStatement page. -- AdamShand

What is our charter, this is currently under discussion. What are your Ideas? Here are some links that talking about writing a mission statement. I like the last one best. Some ideas I think are important, please add your own:

HazeHead says:I think the charter should include a reference to the telco industry's (and other "Last mile" providers') tendency to levy large "access" fees, when they are providing little more than the infrastructure. This is a contributing factor to the grassroots push towards wireless access, in my opinion.

For example: why does a DSL line require a $20-50 monthly charge billed to your telephone bill, in addition to your ISP fees? Why does Qwest [or insert your local telco here] get as much or more than the service provider? What are the actual costs of maintaining the copper, and do they warrant these large fees?


The SFLan manifesto page may contain some clues for us to follow.


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