Rooftop Leads

Some altitudes in Portland

Place Name


Rocky Butte


Mt Tabor


Marine Drive


The Rose Garden


Mt Sylvania


More local altitudes are here

Portland to St Helens

4dec03 I needed a break from the routine so I went to the map section of the central library to see whats involved in making a link from Portland to St Helens. We've been offered a rooftop somewhere in St Helens. DonPark

Portland to Seattle

4dec03 Whats nice about St Helens is that its "on the way" to Seattle, which would be a pretty amazing feat to link the cities with volunteer-run wifi links.

I figure population areas have the best chance of finding a person willing to have an antenna and PC be on their house or property. The city names it takes to get to seattle with under 25 mile hops reads exactly like the Seatte To Portland Bike ride that happens every year (ive biked in it twice). --DonPark


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